We’ve had it with these guys

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Port Metro Vancouver wants you to believe transporting U.S. coal for export to Asia through the backyards of Lower Mainland families won’t have any adverse effects on your health, but a team of physicians who studied the impacts of coal storage and transportation over a two-year period discovered significant impacts on people’s hearts, lungs and brains.

Those sound like adverse effects to us. If you agree, we want the port to hear from you.

The port has shut the public out of decisions around coal exports and is now shutting out our top health officials. Chief medical officers for Fraser Health and Vancouver Coastal Health called for a comprehensive and independent health impact assessment of the Fraser Surrey Docks coal export proposal, but the port and Fraser Surrey Docks refused to work collaboratively with the medical officers.

These health officers say the port’s environmental impact assessment does not meet “even the most basic requirements of a health impact assessment.” If the port was truly acting in the public interest, it would come clean about how the proposal could threaten our health.

It’s time to stand with our health officers and tell Port Metro Vancouver our health matters.

The port has opened up their environmental impact assessment of the Fraser Surrey Docks coal expansion proposal for public comment until Dec. 17. We need your help flooding the port with personal messages about why their assessment just isn’t good enough.

Please let the port know how you feel about their bogus assessment and ask them to comply with our chief medical officers:


Here are just a few of the assessment’s shortcomings:
The assessment primarily repackages existing data that health and air quality experts had already judged to be inadequate.

The scope of the port’s assessment is limited and focuses solely on what happens within the boundaries of the Fraser Surrey Docks terminal. It does not assess impacts of coal transportation on White Rock, Surrey, Delta, Texada Island and the waters and islands along the coastal shipping route.

The assessment does not consider the end-use greenhouse gas emissions and climate change impacts of coal shipped to Asia.
Unless the port can go back to the drawing board and comply with the demands of our medical officers, study the full scope of impacts and conduct proper consultation with full public hearings, it should deny the Fraser Surrey Docks permit application and stop any further coal expansion.

Please, submit your comment now.

Thanks for making a difference,

Laura Benson
Beyond Coal Campaign Director

P.S. On Wednesday we learned Port Metro Vancouver didn’t even send a copy of the assessment to White Rock Mayor Wayne Baldwin and that his municipality was barely acknowledged in the report. He said he’s just had it with these guys. If you feel the same way, submit your comment now.