Ways to get involved

Safe Creative Tactics, February 2021

1. This is a Person to Person Education Movement. Act within your own friends, family, co-workers, members of your faith group. Talk to them about what you care about: on the phone, while walking outside, through direct messages. Talk to people who like you, and who care what you do and think.

What if social transformation and liberation isn’t about waiting for someone else to come along and save us?

We Do This Til We Free, by Mariame Kaba

2. Consider Forming an Affinity Group. Meet regularly to connect and share inspiration, news and ideas for action.

Affinity means you share some values and ideas about what you enjoy doing. Set goals for action, individually and together. The group helps you each stay accountable. Here’s a resource. Make sure someone in your group is plugged in to a communication channel so that you can keep up with events and news within the wider movement.

3. Attending Events: It is easy to stay distanced at outside actions. Everybody is wearing masks and we are outside. Being there with a friend helps to feel connected. Or go with your bubble.

4. Use Social Media. Take and share selfies with signs, or with things you are learning and seeing. Tag friends directly in your posts so your efforts are not lost within the echo chambers of algorithms. Use hashtags: #StopTMX #1308Trees

5. Walk the Route with a Friend or Family. Learn about the route.

6. Make Art and Share it. Make a sign, write a letter, paint a banner. Art speaks heart languages, and can travel freely, making waves. 1308 Trees has a current call for art.

Don’t ever forget that what you do and think has an impact farther than you may ever know. When we commit to right action those around us pay attention.

7. Reach Out For Collaboration. Imagine what could be possible if you just ask? If you don’t ask, for sure nothing will happen.

8. Give Money. Support an organization that is active in the movement. For example Protect the Planet or Secwepemc Land Defense

9. Sign a Petition or Write a Letter. Taking action builds our own sense of identity and makes a difference in the wider world.

10. Get Involved with BROKE. Send us an email with a few paragraphs telling us your specific skills, gifts and interests and we’ll do our best to be in touch. We love partnerships and collaborations.