BROKE is completely volunteer-powered. We are always looking for more people from Burnaby and surrounding areas to volunteer their time and energy.

The BROKE core group has been organizing activities and educating the public for the past four years. New faces in the core group would boost our energy and imaginations to do more of what we’ve been doing, only better!

BROKE is also looking for volunteers to support our activities on a one-time basis or for any particular kind of activity you feel comfortable with. With more new minds and bodies, who knows what else we could do?

BROKE’s activities include:

  • holding public meetings
  • sending out email notices
  • sharing ideas with other groups
  • creating and participating in events
  • hosting an informative website
  • putting leaflets in mailboxes
  • mobilizing neighbourhoods
  • identifying key issues that affect us all
  • bringing our banners out to marches and rallies
  • setting up information tables at the Farmer’s Market, Hat’s Off Day, and elsewhere

If you feel the urge to volunteer, please use the form below to tell us your name and e-mail, if you would like to be in the core group or on-call as a supporter or both, any previous experience you have, and what types of activities you might be interested in. Thanks!


Click here to volunteer