Vancouver’s mayor vows to fight to stop the Trans-Mountain pipeline

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The mayor of Vancouver has officially kicked off his re-election campaign ahead of this November’s municipal elections.

Despite his critics railing against city hall over being developer friendly and for a lack of consulting with the public, Robertson says he is proud of the Vision Vancouver track record.

While he touts a drop in crime, and a thriving city economy Robertson says he will lay out some new platform planks.

“Transit is a big priority for this next term. And getting the Broadway subway going is going to be a key piece. Affordable housing and solving homelessness will remain a real high priority but that is a big challenge we just have to keep making steady progress on that.”

Robertson also came out swinging against Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountail pipeline proposal.

“I think there is real opportunities for Vancouver in the future but we also have to stave off the threats like the Kinder Morgan pipeline with seven times the oil tankers in our port. That is a big risk for our city that I am going to fight hard to stop. We are not hearing any resistence to that from the NPA and that is a big concern.”

Robertson says no amount of money spent, or safety assurances given, from the oil giant will convince him to support the pipeline.

“The bottom line is oil spills happen. They are happening all over the world on a regular basis. Vancouver is not the place where we can withstand the threat of an oil spill. the damage that, that would have on our city’s economy and environment would be massive. We can’t put that at risk for a project that has enormous threats.”

Robertson says the National Energy Board’s review process is “brutal” and is cutting hundreds of people out of the process.

“Anything that excludes people from public consultation is a problem. We are seeing hundreds of people excluded. We are also seeing the process change to prevent cross examination of Kinder Morgan officials. There will be very limited opportunities to really get at the core issues for this proposal.”

The city of Vancouver is one of 400 granted intervenor status at the National Energy Board review hearings into the Kinder Morgan proposal.