Two regional districts join line of intervenors looking for pipeline answers

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The Fraser Valley Regional District says answers to some of its intervenor questions have been ignored or dismissed by Kinder Morgan in the Trans Mountain pipeline review hearings.

Chair Sharon Gaetz says 18 questions including some about oil spill response and water impact concerns were glossed over by Kinder Morgan and need to be answered.

Gaetz says, for example, they asked if the pipeline would fall in line with the FVRD’s ground level ozone strategy.

“This is their response. The report has not been provided to Trans Mountain it is not readily available nonline therefor no specific response can be given at this time. you know what? We actually provided that to them and attached it to the document. So we would like them to answer that question.”

Or this response to another FVRD question on air quality.

“Trans Mountain is committed to reducing emissions during construction and operation of the Trans Mountain expansion pipeline and then they didn’t say anything else. So we didn’t think it was unreasonable to ask how they are going to do that.”

Metro Vancouver is also asking the National Energy Board to compel Kinder Morgan to provide appropriate answers to its intervenor questions.

Metro Environment Director Roger Quan says out of 105 Trans Mountain pipeline questions 52 answers were inadequate.

Quan says Metro also wants the NEB to extend a deadline for intervenors to file more questions due to new, crucial, information due this fall from Kinder Morgan.

“They have said this new technical update will come out in the third quarter of this year and in the worst case that is at the end of September. We do have to file round two information requests by September 11th. In a worst case this new information will come out after we file our round two information requests.”

Quan says they want the NEb to delay the September 11th deadline for intervenors to submit second round questions.

“Some of this is new information, which will be quite critical to our assessment, it will include an update to the pipeline routing for several portions of the Metro Vancouver region. I think the lack of certainty in the routing makes it virtually impossible to assess the impacts on our utility infrastructure, our planned construction projects, as well as our regional parks.”

Metro Vancouver and the FVRD join the provincial government, Burnaby, Vancouver, Langley Township, and BC Green party MLA Andrew Weaver who have all filed with the NEB to compel Kinder Morgan to cough up pipeline answers.