School Safety and Pipelines

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For immediate release

Burnaby March 13,2013 – BROKE announces the release of Mary Hatch’s recording of School Safety and Pipelines.

School Safety and Pipelines examines the risks for schools that are near oil and jet fuel pipelines and tank farms. A new oil pipeline that would triple capacity is being planned by Kinder Morgan. Safety measures must be established to keep children and staff safe.

School Safety and Pipelines urges schools, teachers, parent associations and school districts to consider the risks and to develop plans for the independent monitoring of oil pipelines and tank farms, as well as evacuation plans in case of an oil pipeline rupture.

School Safety and Pipelines notes that numerous leaks and spills have occurred and the proximity of schools in Burnaby to oil and jet fuel pipelines and tank farms and the devastation that will result in the case of a seismic event or pipeline or tank farm rupture is unacceptable.

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