Risks not worth it

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Lise Kreps

Dear Editor:

Re: Pipeline is near schools, Burnaby NOW, Nov. 28.

I, too, am a parent concerned about the Kinder-Morgan pipeline’s effect on Burnaby schools. Not only are three schools close to the current pipeline – Stoney Creek, Lyndhurst, and Forest Grove – but it also passes within a block of Burnaby North Secondary School, Capitol Hill Elementary School and Confederation Park Elementary School. At the intersection of Gamma and Dundas, it passes by the corner of my child’s school playground in Confederation Park.

When this same pipeline broke in North Burnaby in 2007, it sprayed oil on houses over 100 metres away, contaminating gardens and even getting inside open windows. 250 residents had to be evacuated.

Surely we cannot afford to increase the risk of this hazard for six of our local schools.

Lise Kreps, Burnaby
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