Questions for Kinder Morgan from David Huntley

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Hi Alan:

Here are some questions for Kinder-Morgan as requested

(1) Will you make available some photos of the construction of the original pipeline in Westridge?

(2) Several years ago there was excavation to expose the pipeline on Ridge Drive, presumably to do some maintenance on it. Will you make available some photos of this?

(3) Kinder-Morgan says they do not have a detailed proposal for the pipeline location. Is there any route through Westridge that will not involve expropriation?

(4) Will you be applying to the National Energy Board for the maximum amount of oil the pipeline can transport? Or will you be applying for a lesser amount, and then later ask for an increase (which would not go to an environmental review)?

(5) There are reports that the diluted bitumen (dilbit) is more corrosive on pipelines than regular oil. Is it more corrosive?
Is this correct? If so what are you planning to do about it?

(6) The diluent contains benzene, a carcinogen. When there is a spill we need to know the benzene concentration in the air, immediately, at several locations, and how it changes with time. It is clear that a proper procedure is required for
a) measuring benzene at several locations at the time of a spill and afterwards,
b) informing the residents immediately and adequately (ie the scientific information, not just platitudes)), and
c) requiring evacuation when there is a danger to health.
Do you now take these appropriate measures?
Will you be taking these appropriate measures? Details please.

(7) We need to know the relation between concentration and time of exposure to benzene and the probability of getting cancer in the future. Will you be providing this information, and consequently the probability that during a leak the benzene will cause cancer in those breathing it; no platitudes please we want a proper scientific response.

(8) Will you reveal the other chemicals in the diluent? Since some of us will be breathing them we should have a right to know what they are. Are any of them carcinogens or in other ways toxic? Details please as in the previous two questions.

(9) I live three blocks immediately above the 2007 Westridge spill. Some residents near the spill were evacuated. Those on my street were not even informed of what was happening. Some of them became ill. Some time after the spill, maybe an hour later, although I could smell something, probably mercaptans, I was driven out of my house by the noise of the helicopters. I walked down the hill, the only public way out, to within a block of the spill; nobody stopped me or told me what was happening. It seems I was walking into the danger. Do you have a plan to better inform the nearby residents? If so, what is it?

(10) I am told that the amount of oil recovered after an oil spill is typically 10 %. When you have an oil spill, what percentage of the oil do you collect typically?

(11) There is a practice in this country of corporations, when their projects are finished, leaving a mess for the people of Canada to pay to clean up. What are your plans for the pipelines when they are no longer useful and before the company no longer exists.

other questions:

Kennedy Stewart, our MP, told us on Thursday evening that he had asked the National Energy Board some questions and did not get answers to them. It could be most useful to have these questions in the public domain. We ought to know what it is that the NEB is not willing to tell us or does not know.

Last week, someone on BC Almanac (CBC radio1 at noon weekdays) told us that “every inch” of the present Kinder-Morgan pipeline has been replaced since it was originally built. (I think that someone was either representing Kinder-Morgan or a chamber of commerce.) Is the statement correct? I am skeptical.

David Huntley
Professor Emeritus,
Physics, SFU.

7341 Ridge Dr.,
Burnaby, B.C.
V5A 1B4

Tuesday, October 16, 2012
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