Protect Burnaby Mountain

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Kinder Morgan on collision course

Kinder Morgan has begun surveying conservation and parkland on Burnaby Mountain. The giant US oil pipeline company plans to clear parkland and build a helicopter pad in preparation for boring a tunnel through the Northridge of Burnaby Mountain contrary to city bylaws.

The purpose of the tunnel will be to transport crude tar sands oil from the storage tanks at Forest Hill to Westridge Terminal. Many geologists and seismologists are concerned that the Northridge will be subject to extreme shaking in the event of even a moderate earthquake putting at risk the pipeline, the huge oil storage tanks at Forest Hill and the Aframax tankers at Westridge terminal. A moderate earthquake to the huge tanks, pipeline and terminal would make the 2007 pipeline spill at Westridge minor in comparison.

To help protect conservation and parkland and to support the enforcement of city bylaws, residents of BC will meet on Burnaby Mountain overlooking the proposed helicopter pad. The convergence of people will take place on September 13 at 2:00 PM.

The convergence of people is a celebration of conservation and parkland with music and speakers. The City of Burnaby will issue a stop work order as soon as Kinder Morgan crews begin clearing land or disturbing wildlife, but people must rally to show support to protect Burnaby Mountain and the entire Burrard Inlet. People have power only if they work together.

Music by:

Invited speakers include :

Mayor Derek Corrigan (TBC)
Stewart Philip, UBCIC (TBC)
Rueben George, Sacred Trust (TBC)