Oil Spill Risk Assessment

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Under Construction July 26, 2014

Serious concerns have been raised by many experts that the Trans Mountain Expansion Project could pose significant economic and environmental risks. With more tankers transiting the coast, the risk of an oil spill increases dramatically. An oil spill could devastate local industries such as fisheries and tourism and cost billions of dollars to clean up- mostly to be paid by tax payers. On average only 5-15% of oil is ever recovered from a spill, meaning that even clean-up measures are limited in their efficacy. The Kalamazoo River oil spill that occurred in Michigan has already cost over $1 billion with economic and health impacts lasting for years. The risk of an oil spill are further complicated by the fact that the tankers would be carrying dilbit, a heavy oil that has been shown to sink under conditions similar to what we have on the B.C. coast.

WestCoast Environmental Law: Risk Assessment for Marine Spills in Canadian Waters