Not liking what he hears

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Dear Editor:

Re: Listening key to working together, In My Opinion, Burnaby NOW, Oct. 5

Kinder Morgan Canada President Ian Anderson is beseeching us to listen.

I am listening and this is what I hear: An average of one oil leak a year on Kinder Morgan’s existing pipeline.

A company that refused to give our MP a map of the existing pipeline in North Burnaby – what does Kinder Morgan have to hide?

A victory declared because five years after the Kinder Morgan spill on Inlet Drive, the local marine plant and animal life is experiencing continuous revitalization.

That spilled bitumen sinks – as experienced in Kalamazoo – it doesn’t float.

I’m not hearing anything that’s building trust or confidence in Kinder Morgan’s plans to build a new pipeline right through the heart of North Burnaby.

Peter Cech, Burnaby

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