More intervenors unhappy with Kinder Morgan

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Two more municipal governments have joined a growing list of intervenors in the Trans-Mountain review hearings who are unhappy with the answers they are getting from Kinder Morgan.

Langley Township mayor Jack Froese says they have filed with the National Energy Board to try and compel Kinder Morgan to answer questions on costing.

“When they lay the pipes, or even before that, they need to have agreements with all the different utility companies. A memorandum of understanding with all the utility companies and the Township of Langley and there is a cost to that. We wanted to be sure that we were going to be covered for those costs and we haven’t been getting answers on that.”

Froese says there are other issues but potential costs to local taxpayers tops the list.

“One of the bigger concerns was that we didn’t want to be hung with the bill. There is a lot of information and we want to make sure it is safe for the environment, safe for the residents, and that everything is looked after, and that we do get some way of paying for this because we will incur more costs.”

In Burnaby mayor Derek Corrigan says Kinder Morgan failed to answer 62% of the 1700 the city submitted as intervenor questions.

Mayor Derek Corrigan calls many of the responses they did get back “meaningless”.

Burnaby, which openly opposes the pipeline, says Kinder Morgan refused to answer questions about plans to isolate or shut down the pipeline in a worst case spill scenario.

The municipality also said Kinder Morgan refused to provide an oil risk assessment, wouldn’t say if they studied other routes for the pipeline, or say how many Burnaby specific jobs the pipeline would create.

Corrigan also said it was infuriating to hear Kinder Morgan saying it is providing intervenors “robust responses” and defending not providing some answers because they may be “market sensitive” or “would be a security risk to release.”

Burnaby also asked Kinder Morgan for its Emergency Response plan but mayor Derek Corrigan says the city was told it must meet five conditions to see the plan including signing a confidentiality agreement and unconditionally agreeing to take part in any emergency response something Corrigan described as “absurd.”

Both Langley and Burnaby have joined the city of Vancouver, BC Green party MLA Andrew Weaver, and the BC Government in officially asking the NEB to compel Kinder Morgan to cough up answers.