More Arrests November 21 2014

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For Immediate Release

Burnaby Mountain – At least six more people have been arrested in the protest against pipeline company Kinder Morgan on Burnaby Mountain including Simon Fraser University Professor Lynn Quarmby, Burnaby resident Ruth Walmsley of BROKE, and Vancouver activist Kevin Washbrook..
Today’s arrests started when Prof. Quarmby announced that, despite being a law abiding citizen who is engaged in civil society in many ways, she felt she had no choice but to get arrested to prove her point that the Kinder Morgan pipeline review process is seriously flawed.

“Canadians deserve a government that will address climate change..” said Professor Quarmby. “The fact that people are not allowed to talk about climate change in the pipeline hearings is evidence that the process is broken and corrupt” continued Quarmby. She also expressed concern about the lack of consultation with First Nations.
Professor Quarmby linked arms with supporters as she walked up Burnaby Mountain to the sound of First Nations drummers. When she got to the police line she was joined by at least 5 others as they crossed the line and were arrested.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the mountain, concerned citizens stood in the way of 2 Kinder Morgan trucks that were going up the mountain to carryout the survey work. At least 2 trucks turned back and there are indications that the blockade will continue.