Editorial: Dix taking short-sighted stand on pipeline projects

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[Ed. See the comment by Michael Hale below] B.C. NDP leader Adrian Dix’s apparent nixing of the proposed expansion of the Kinder Morgan pipeline from Edmonton to Burnaby shows he’s gunning for the green vote in the coming election – and is not overly concerned about financial reality.

We say “apparent,” because Dix appears to have left himself a little wiggle room to reconsider the controversial plan at a later date. But he does put the NDP on record as being opposed to two oil pipeline projects (the other being Enbridge’s Northern Gateway line) that would undoubtedly bring increased wealth to B.C. and the rest of Canada at a time when our economy is still worryingly fragile.

And the billion-dollar question is this: If we in B.C. keep saying no to pipelines, port expansions and other resource projects, how are we going to finance our health, education and other social services?

As North Vancouver engineering company president Chris Sacre points out in a letter to our newspaper, Canada has been blessed with being a resource-rich country, positioned between Asia to the west, Europe to the east and the world’s largest economy to the south.

So why are we so reluctant these days to take advantage of this? Is it because we have lost our nerve to take on any risk when it comes to disturbing the environment?

“I marvel at the dichotomy of those who despise clearcuts, yet live in the city; despise mining and oil and gas, but drive cars and trucks and live in houses with wire and metals and building products,” Sacre noted.

We marvel at it, too. And we agree with those who believe it’s short-sighted to condemn port, pipeline and other projects offering high-paying jobs that enable people to raise stress-free families in this high-cost province.

We also agree with those who want us to consider the environmental legacy we’re leaving when harvesting and processing our abundant natural resources. Right now, though, our overwhelming concern is that Dix, without knowing all the facts, is already bent on compromising our B.C. young people’s economic future.

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