District of West Vancouver Motion Re: Kinder Morgan

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District of West Vancouver Motion Passed July 2012

Kinder Morgan Proposed Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion


1. West Vancouver recognizes that:

. Oil exploration, development and export is in the National interest;

. The current Kinder Morgan operation is essential to regional interests;

. The proposed Kinder Morgan expansion is principally an export strategy that will result in a fivefold increase of tanker traffic past, and at anchor off, West Vancouver shoreline;

. West Vancouver, through its Foreshore Head Lease, has stewarded its pristine marine environment for over 30 years; and

.Kinder Morgan is, as noted in their July 11, 2012 letter to Mayor and Council, committed to undertake a full technical, environmental and public engagement program with the facilities application scheduled for late 2013;
NOW THEREFORE Council resolves as follows:

1. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Mayor write to the Prime Minister, the Premier, the Federal and Provincial Ministers of the Environment, the National Energy Board, and the President of Kinder Morgan expressing West Vancouver’s strong opposition to any increase in oil tanker traffic through the Port of Vancouver; and due to significant unacceptable risks to West Vancouver’s economic, social, and environmental well being;

2. Kinder Morgan be obligated to:
. demonstrate the mitigating measures in place for any oil spill that would reach West Vancouver shores or marine life;
. indemnify West Vancouver for the amount equal to the projected clean-up of a worst case oil spill, should the National

Energy Board approve this strategy;

. identify the impacts of increased ship size and numbers in relation to the compromise to foreshore protection efforts arising from ship wash;

. identify how increased ship passing, and in waiting, by West Vancouver shore line will mitigate the discharge of grey water, and heavy diesel particulate.

3. West Vancouver’s MP and MLAs be encouraged to ensure a provincial strategy is developed before any oil exportation operation of this magnitude is proposed for any export outlet in British Columbia;

4.This report be shared with Metro municipalities and that staff continue to monitor and report on the public review and regulatory approval process being advanced by Kinder Morgan for the proposed expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline.