David Ellis: independent pipeline critic

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David Skok
Director, GlobalNews.ca

George Browne
Managing Editor

Sirs: My name is David Ellis, I am an independent pipeline critic and if you goggle “David Ellis Kinder Morgan” you see the efforts of me and my colleagues.

I am outraged that next week you intend to interview Mr. Ian Anderson CEO Kinder Morgan regarding the aggressive, intrusive, and offensive proposal of Kinder Morgan to “twin” their antiquated and failing 61 year old pipeline, with a massive 36 inch pipeline to carry tar sands oil to BC. Even the continued use of the ramshackle and rotten 61 year old pipeline is an offensive to Canadians, who know that a major spill is now immanent. Just because this is one of the largest corporations in the world dies not give it licence to be heard if how it presently operates, and how it proposes to operate in the future, are in reality nothing but a violent assault upon this Province, as future oil spills, are a “given”.

The future of the Fraser and Thompson river, and their peoples, are not negotiable, and GlobalNews.ca does not have the right to negotiate on behalf of the people of this Province, and of Canada.

I predict that the continued use of the heavily corroded 61 year old pipe (see below) will cause a spill this winter that will be devastating to the BC economy, and leave it in taters for many decades. I hope that your report this week can use real data concerning the present, real, on-the-ground condition of this pipe (site near Hope see below is available to you as crews concentrate on water testing in the Coquihalla area) and not waste the public’s time with yet more hype and pie-in-the sky technical data from Kinder Morgan’s CEO and massive and very slick, public relations team.

I and others can supply you with pics of the present condition of this pipe, and the professionals at the National Energy Board, should be asked to comment and give a technical assessment of these pics, “stress corrosion cracking” and “Cathodic protection” (or the complete lack of it in the Coquihalla area) need to now be discussed.

David Ellis
3872 Point Grey Road
Vancouver, B.C.
V6R 1B4