Corporations are Sacred – The Great Salmon Send-Off

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The Stoney Creek Environment Committee held its annual salmon send off today. Lot’s of kids and sponsors – including Kinder Morgan.

I raised the issue with some of the speakers; “What about Kinder Morgan’s planned expansion and what about the gas, jet fuel and heavy oil pipeline running across Stoney Creek and the other creeks around Burnaby Mountain?”

They were unanimous. Raising the issue of the Kinder Morgan expansion, more tar sands, bigger tank farms ON Burnaby Mountain and many more tankers through Burrard Inlet and Salish Sea is too – wait for it – POLITICAL. “We don;t want politics here. We have kids.”

I responded saying that the kids in the school right here are learning about the pipeline expansion and the threat to the environment of tar sands.

But no! The organizers think that it is not right to criticize Kinder Morgan – it’s a CORPORATION and corporations are now sacred.

When “environmentalists” don’t think we should be questioning Kinder Morgan – it’s too political – a fundamental change has occurred that needs to be understood. It is not just that Kinder Morgan gives a few thousand a year to groups, schools, etc.. A fundamental change has occurred in western thinking about corporations.

The corporation has become the new god, daddy and mommy. The corporation is now god. It is the Church and State all in one and that’s scary. We have replaced the Church with Corporations and the Corporations own political parties.

The corporation as mommy and daddy can’t be criticized – they know best. They have the answers and we must trust them or the world as we know it will disintegrate.

The corporation is god and god is not political.

(pictures to follow)