Clayoquot Protests

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On a July morning, twenty years ago, MP Svend Robinson, Betty Krawczak, Inessa Ormand, and another “grannie” broke an injunction, and for a few minutes, prevented a busload of loggers from crossing Kennedy Lake Bridge in Clayoquot Sound. They were arrested. Over 900 would follow.

Betty and the other two “grannies” refused to promise that they wouldn’t do it again, so stayed in jail for six months. I remember Inessa, wearing her restrictive electronic ankle bracelet at church one Sunday morning. She was “at church” which was allowed. But she had a table set up in the courtyard, with petitions to “Protect Clayoquot Sound” for all to sign. There was no stopping her.

At 3pm Sat. on Stage 3 at the Vancouver Folk Festival, “Stringband” will be in concert. Mandolin player and environmental activist Bob Bossin might do the following song about the Clayoquot uprising. It’s the best west coast protest song and video I know of. Produced by Nettie Wild.

So what happened?
(from the Wikipedia article: Clayoquot Protests)

“In 2000, the entire Sound was designated as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, further emphasizing its ecological importance; however, this was in no way legally binding in preventing companies from logging in the future.[30] The designation created world recognition of Clayoquot Sound’s biological diversity, and a $12M monetary fund to “support research, education and training in the Biosphere region”.[31]

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