Burnaby seeks ‘emergency’ pipeline motion

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Burnaby City Hall wants to file an emergency motion with the Union of B.C. Municipalities to put a stop to Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline.

Coun. Paul McDonell said on Monday the city cannot fight the pipeline expansion alone, and needs support from other municipalities to create a symbolic wall.

“We’re trying to block it because there’s not really a lot of benefit — any benefit — to us in the city,” he said.

“Four-hundred-twenty tankers per year will be coming here, it’s about seven times what we got coming in right now.”

In the proposed emergency resolution, the city argues that the National Energy Board review process is “unbalanced, unfair and biased” in favour of Kinder Morgan’s interests.

“The process approved thus far by the NEB has not provided for a true public hearing that would allow for both oral hearings and cross-examination of evidence for the (pipeline project),” the city argued.

McDonell said he’s hoping for backing from the provincial government as well. The province last month said it wasn’t getting proper responses from Kinder Morgan when information was requested.

McDonell said that’s Burnaby’s position as well — the city filed 1,500 information requests, he said, but “very few” of those were answered.