Burnaby Municipal Elections

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Preamble: The City of Burnaby faces some challenges over the next 4 years in terms of a proposal to significantly increase oil exports via the Westridge Marine Terminal. Please answer questions to a maximum of 250 words per question. Burnaby Residents Opposing Kinder Morgan Expansion (BROKE) will reproduce unedited responses to its website. Thank you.

The following candidates and parties responded.

The questions asked each candidate and party were as follows.

01) Trans Mountain ULC is proposing to increase bitumen shipments by pipeline through Burnaby for export purposes only. If elected mayor, would you take a position relative to this proposal? Please explain your position on this project. 249 words

“I am in favour of Gas Pipe Line as it is beneficial to City as it will create jobs & Generate Revenue on top of general economy for the community.” With Best Regards : RAJ GUPTA, We together will make it happen !!

02) Do you agree with doubling the storage tanks (5.4 million barrels) on Burnaby Mountain to store the 890 000 barrels of diluted bitumen that would flow into them daily? Explain. 219 words I disagree with doubling the storage tanks on Burnaby Mountain.

(3) Do you believe that shipping 400 tanker loads per year, or one or more per day, of diluted bitumen through the Burrard Inlet and Salish Seas will be accident free? Explain why.

04) Are you concerned about the current Trans Mountain pipeline as it is now 60 years old and may face additional stress due to the transport of diluted bitumen? If so, what concerns do you have? 173 words

05) Do you support ways to reduce carbon emissions in the City of Burnaby? How would you create programs or services to encourage residents to reduce carbon emissions?