Burnaby fires back at Kinder Morgan

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The mayor of Burnaby says his city has been left to wage a David versus Goliath battle with Kinder Morgan over its plans to expand the Trans-Mountain pipeline.

Derek Corrigan says Kinder Morgan has waged a public relations battle convincing people the pipleline means jobs and economic investment in BC.

“Well in fact it is not. What it is, is a massive implication for the Alberta economy and it is certainly a big deal for those multinational companies who are exploiting our oil but for the average Canadian they are doing much better supporting the beer industry than the oil industry as far as jobs are concerned.”

Corrigan says the city is being bullied and is just fighting back.

“Kinder Morgan is opposed to everything that we attempt to do in those hearings. We have attempted to get the ability to cross examine witnesses. We have asked a multitude of questions and recieved no answers. They can’t expect that this is one sided that yet we are going to cooperate with them in giving them opportunities to investigate alternatives.”

Corrigan says Kinder Morgan is in for a fight if it applies to the NEB to compel the city to allow it access to Burnaby mountain.

“We will vehemently oppose that at the hearing before the National Energy Board. We have reached opposite sides of this argument. I beleive my community strongly supports what we are doing and that is that we are opposing the imposition of this pipeline on our community. We do not see any benefit to the people that live in Burnaby.”

Kinder Morgan wants to assess the feasibility of tunneling through Burnaby mountain for its expanded Trans Mountain oil pipeline.