Breaking News: Today Kinder Morgan announced plans to enter conservation lands

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From a Trans Mountain (Kinder Morgan) information release today, August 27, 2014

“As part of its feasibility investigations, Trans Mountain’s contractor plans to drill six 6-inch geotechnical boreholes in the Burnaby Mountain area. While four of these boreholes are on private property, two are planned within the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area. In addition, the contractor will also complete geophysical surveys using both seismic refraction and electro-resistivity tomography.

A 10m by 20m cleared area is required to complete safe drilling operations. Vegetation disturbance will be minimized. This work will include a heli-staging area and additional support vehicles. A 20m by 8m staging area is planned west of Centennial Way. On completion of drilling, Trans Mountain will restore the site to as close to their original condition as practical.

To minimize the period of drilling within the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area, drilling is planned for 24 hours per day in two 12 hour shifts during the investigation. Previous tests indicate that noise levels generated by this work are not anticipated to exceed Burnaby City bylaw limits. During this work we will ensure public safety.

Geophysical surveys are also proposed. These are non-intrusive survey using electro-resistivity tomography and seismic refraction. These may include an intermittent sharp banging sound and laying temporary cables along the ground surface. This work will try to avoid brushing, although minimal vegetation removal may be required where dense vegetation is encountered.”