Anti-SLAPP Legislation

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The NDP government in the early 1990s enacted anti-SLAPP legislation but it was weak. Even so, one of the first things Gordon Campbell did was repeal it. I understand that Quebec has anti-SLAPP legislation and Ontario is considering a bill. We need to discuss these issues for and against anti-SLAPP legislation again if we are to support democracy and freedom of expression. I think there is renewed interest in anti-SLAPP suit legislation in BC after Kinder Morgan injunction’s to stop protests on the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area.  

In summary, Kinder Morgan, a giant Texas based oil company, launched a SLAPP (Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation) suit against BROKE and five individuals on October 31, 2014. A SLAPP suit is meant to silence, incapacitate and harm people who stand up to protect democratic values of freedom of assembly and freedom of expression.
It is my view that Kinder Morgan’s SLAPP suit is an attempt to curtail genuine and legitimate participation by ordinary people. It is anti-democratic and we must not let people be silenced and intimidated by threats of lawsuits for activities meant simply to protect the pristine forests, coastal waters, conservation and park lands and residential neighbourhoods. It’s just wrong and we must stand up against intimidation and attempts to stop us from protecting public land and coastal waters.
Kinder Morgan’s law suit against BROKE is simply about a giant oil company that wants to ignore municipal by-laws mean to protect park land. Kinder Morgan wants to invade public lands and clear cut to tunnel through a mountain in the most seismically active area of Canada to make a profit by shipping tar sands to Asian markets, totally ignoring climate change, safety and the interests of the people of British Columbia. 
Kinder Morgan has a terrible safety record in both Canada and the United States, with deaths and damages resulting from poor corporate management. In just the last few years Kinder Morgan has been responsible for a pipeline rupture in Burnaby in 2007, a tank farm spill in 2009 and accidents at the Sumas tank farms in 2012, all requiring evacuations, school closure and hospitalizations.
We must have your help to fight this SLAPP suit. We are a small non-profit and every penny that is donated will go to our defense fund. Please consider the issues and contribute to show your support for the environment and the fight against climate change. You can donate here