Air Quality Metro Vancouver

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-list of monitoring stations MetroVancouver

we are interested in:

T22-Bby Burmont (KM tank farm)

T24-Bby North (Chevron tank farm)

T23-Capitol Hill (monitor also the refinery?)

T4-Kensington (south of Shellburn, monitors that too?)

Westridge terminal doesn’t have a monitoring station! Probably we should ask MetroV. to test the air, or consider to ask the university or a lab. Could be useful to have VOC and THC data for Westridge.

VOC-Volatile Organic Compounds , THC-Total Hydrocarbons are sampled not everyday (not-continuous = every 3rd or 6th day, cannot catch bad emissions happening in other days!)
and are sampled only at T22 and T24

-2009 lower fraser valley air quality report
pg (29-30) VOC
pg parameters monitored, VOC and THC, not-continuous monitoring (samples taken every 3rd or 6th day)

-2011 lower fraser valley air quality report
VOC pg 76, doesn’t say the limit by law, T22 and T24 high concentration

-air quality complains (website)
probably Westridge residents should complain everyday with MetroV., city, etc.