Reader’s Comment: Kinder Morgan demonstrates lack of accuracy

1. The Burnaby pipeline blowout was a gross error of its location monitoring relative to its worst case outcome. Is the pipeline location any better monitored now?

2. Kinder Morgan is in error as to the gps site of the bore hole sampling. As they err in this relatively simple construction task, are they likely to err during tunneling with severe consequences?

3. Kinder Morgan did not accurately estimate the time needed to complete for the bore hole test. Will innacurate timing be characteristic of main line construction?

These are 3 clear indicators of Kinder Morgans lack of respect for accuracy.
I would conclude that Kinder Morgan is less than trustworthy in caring for public good.

I have not seen this issue reported. I would recommend you bring this forward into the public domain.

Terry Stankunas
South Surrey

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