Kinder Morgan is in a direct conflict of interest and the NEB is deliberately hiding it


I’ve been working on NEB issues, and yesterday gave a talk on Pender about
tanker risks. As part of this talk, I made a couple of graphics, below, to
share the fact that Kinder Morgan would PROFIT from an oil $pill on the BC
coast, through their ownership in both the primary terrestrial and marine
oil spill response corporations in Western Canada. They are in a DIRECT
conflict of interest.

While this is abominable enough in and of itself, what is perhaps more
disturbing is the fact that the NEB has REMOVED this information from its

Robyn Allan filed letters with the NEB which elucidated Kinder Morgan’s
ownership in these spill response companies, and the “captured” NEB has
seen fit to remove Robyn’s filings from public view. I am endeavouring,
therefore, to make up for this shortfall in NEB information distribution,
and wish to ensure that as many people as possible understand that Kinder
Morgan would PROFIT from an oil spill in Western Canada.

My graphics, Robyn’s filings, and a screenshot of the site where this
information should reside on the NEB website, are also on my FB page:

*Please share this information with others. *

Thank you for your assistance.
Yours truly,

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