District of North Van City Council will hear about Kinder Morgan!

At 7pm Thursday, Sept 12th, the District of North Van will be holing a debate of sorts about Kinder Morgan. (Shttp://www.dnv.org/
http://www.dnv.org/article.asp?a=5771). It is VERY important that critical voices are heard about Kinder Morgan expansion and the effects on Burrard Inlet.

DNV has given very little notice of this event to people in North Vancouver. In fact, just days ago , there was no information available on their website, nor via a phone inquiry.

Much of DNV sits directly opposite KMs tanker loading facility. The citizens in North Vancouver need to know what happened in Burnaby, and what may happen in DNV in event of earthquake, spills, and air quality from more and larger tankers.

We will see you there!

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