Burnaby Teacher’s Resolutions 126, 127 and 128

Resolution 126 – That the BCTF call on the provincial government, the Min. of Ed. and the Burnaby Board of Ed. to investigate the specific health and safety risks of long-term exposure to jet fuel and other oil products, including diluted bitumen and the chemicals used to transport it, at schools on or near the present oil pipelines and oil tank farms in Burnaby.

Resolution 127 – That the BCTF call on the Min. of Ed. to prepare a detailed hralth and safety plan for all affected schools in BC to respond to any oil spills or exposure to the highly toxic chemicals used in modern oil pipelines and tank farms, as well as specific evacuation training for staff.

Resolution 128 – That the BCTF call on the provincial government to develop long-term gas leak monitoring along all oil pipelines, refineries, and tank farms near or adjacent to schools and school yards across the province.

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