Activists chained to Chevron’s Burnaby refinery in Pacific Trail Pipeline protest

Two activists have locked themselves to the gate of Chevron Canada Limited’s refinery in Burnaby.

Dan Wallace and Mia Nissen used chains and bike locks to secure themselves to metal posts, according to a news release issued this morning (May 30).

The activists “intend to stay until Chevron and their partners withdraw all permit applications and stop all construction on the Pacific Trail Pipeline project and are acting in solidarity with the Unist’ot’en Camp that is blockading the project’s path”.

The Pacific Trail Pipeline is part of a joint venture between Chevron Canada and Apache Canada Ltd. The 463-kilometre pipeline will deliver gas from Summit Lake to a liquefied-natural-gas plant in Kitimat.

“It’s time to stop the insane expansion of fossil fuel projects. If we look at the facts these projects don’t make any sense for the future; environmentally or economically. That’s why we’re locking down today; to show how these companies are holding us all hostage to a poisoned future. We might not get off our oil and gas addiction overnight, but it’s time to tell our government to fund alternative and renewable energy sources and take responsibility for our shared futures,” reads a statement from the activists.

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