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Help BROKE represent the concerns of Burnaby Residents before the NEB

Read about our campaign here:

BROKE is an intervenor in the NEB hearings opposing the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion application. We have spent the past two years preparing to represent the concerns expressed by Burnaby residents about the negative effects of shipping dilbit (bitumen diluted with hydrocarbons) from Alberta, to store on Burnaby Mountain and ship through Burrard Inlet.

Burnaby North-Seymour Riding Survey Response from Liberal candidate Terry Beech

1)  If your party forms the next federal government, what is its position on new diluted bitumen pipeline proposals in Canada?

Marathassa Oil Spill Interim Update to Vancouver City Council April 14th

The City has published its April 14th report on the oil spill in English Bay, including information about the composition of the spill, its likely origin, the map of its spread and a timeline of key events:

Coast Guard brass accused of lying about Kits base

Mike Cotter, the General Manager of the Jericho Sailing Centre, says James Moore and other BC Tory MPs are being fed misinformation from Coast Guard brass who say Kits Base wouldn’t have been a factor in the English Bay fuel spill response.

“I know it to be absolutely false. I witnessed them responding to spills. I was familiarized with the environmental emergency response equipment they had. I was onboard there vessel. They had a dedicated pollution response vessel.”
Cotter says the logs and records from Kits Base should be made public.

Kinder Morgan is in a direct conflict of interest and the NEB is deliberately hiding it


I've been working on NEB issues, and yesterday gave a talk on Pender about
tanker risks. As part of this talk, I made a couple of graphics, below, to
share the fact that Kinder Morgan would PROFIT from an oil $pill on the BC
coast, through their ownership in both the primary terrestrial and marine
oil spill response corporations in Western Canada. They are in a DIRECT
conflict of interest.

Pipeline too close to home for co-op

Lil Cameron had the feeling something was up when she saw surveyors out on Government Street on Wednesday.

That was followed on Thursday morning in the same area by a crew using unmarked vehicles. They were spray painting orange blotches every few feet on the ivy covering the concrete retaining wall that borders the Halston Hills Housing Co-operative where she lives.

Cameron approached City of Burnaby workers who were working on a fire hydrant nearby and asked what was going on at the wall. “They said, ‘It’s not us, it’s Kinder Morgan.’ “


Oil Tankers

oil tankers

I suppose I’m like most people when it comes to assessing the risk of shipping oil by tanker. I want to know as much as I can about it, but it isn’t always easy to find information or, in the case of opinion editorials, a different viewpoint. Notwithstanding, I have learned some truths about oil tankers over the past year or so.

All Youtube recordings can be viewed here